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Puppy Academy: Comprehensive Guides and Tools for Effective Dog Training

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Dog Training Rules

You Get What You Reinforce – Always ask yourself what reinforces the behaviour in question? What can I do differently to achieve the behaviour I want to see?

Maintain Appetite

Your dog should always have an appetite, and its daily diet should be measured.

Meals have a time limit, and dessert is their high-value reward!

Marker Signal

Use a precise indicator to let your dog know the exact moment they respond correctly. Immediately follow with reinforcement. The most important aspect of good training is the precise timing of reinforcement.

Socialize, Desensitize, Exercise: Regularly expose your dog to different people, places, objects, and animals beyond its usual routine. This exposure helps your dog become comfortable and develop a neutral (and calm) response to these interactions. Starting at 12 weeks, engaging in play sessions with other suitable dogs in off-leash settings becomes crucial. Know your dog’s energy and social needs and ensure you meet both!

Crawl Before You Walk

When taking your dog for a walk, start with just them being able to follow you enthusiastically indoors.

Then, try a circuit outdoors and increase the difficulty by practicing in new environments.

Comfy in a Crate

You may not have your dog sleep in its crate or stay in it when you go out, but you will probably still need it on more than one occasion. Train it to love hanging out in it, and I guarantee you’ll be glad you have one.

Short, Sweet Baby Steps
Approach shaping behaviour like climbing a ladder, aiming for incremental victories and steady advancement. Keep your sessions brief and upbeat as you work through each step.

Turn Up Toys

Pairing your dog’s toys with food makes them more exciting. Reinforce tug, fetch, and any time your pup is entertaining itself appropriately. Elevate the worth of your pup’s favorite toys by keeping them out of reach and playing with them selectively.

Manage Bad Behaviour- Prevent your dog from practicing unwanted behaviours. While some undesirable actions are natural canine behaviors, you must teach your dog when and where to engage in them. This applies to activities like jumping, digging and chewing.

Choice is Choice – Craft scenarios where your dog’s decision to listen to you proves to be the best choice they could make. This is how they develop unwavering trust in you regardless of the situation.