Do You Want Your Puppy to Become a Well-Behaved Dog?

We help puppy parents in Peel region shape their puppy’s journey toward success.

We’re Here To Help You Through Your Pup’s First Year & Beyond!

The Importance of Socialization

Socialization is the key to your dog’s lifelong behaviour. At Puppy Academy, we seize this pivotal period by immersing pups in a myriad of enriching experiences, all under the watchful eye of our professional trainers. By exposing them to diverse situations, people, and animals, we instill confidence and resilience from the outset. This approach mitigates the risk of future issues such as aggression or anxiety.

Daily Routine

Your pup will thrive as it spends days with us receiving the necessary repetitions of success to develop into a well-behaved family dog, while also socializing and having fun with its puppy peers. At home, they will spend their evenings bonding and relaxing with you.

Join us at Puppy Academy, where we lay the foundation for a lifetime of positive experiences and exemplary behaviour in your beloved pet.

What We Train

  • Engagement
  • Appropriate Play
  • Targeting
  • Recall
  • Stationing
  • Loose-Leash Walking
  • Self-Regulation
  • Handling Desensitization
  • Socialization
  • Car Travel
  • Crate Training
  • Preventing Unwanted Behaviours
  • Ignoring Distractions
  • Environmental Desensitization
  • Calm Greetings
  • CKC Canine Good Neighbor Test Qualifications

How Training Works

At Puppy Academy, our structured and comprehensive training program ensures your puppy receives the necessary socialization, training, and support to grow into a confident, well-behaved adult dog. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the training process using the appropriate puppy timeline:

8 Weeks - 12 Weeks: Settling In

The first month at home is all about your pup settling in and developing a good sleeping, eating, and playing routine. Basic training can begin after a one-hour orientation. Conducted either virtually or in-person, the orientation session draws the blueprint and sets the stage for your puppy's journey.

12 Weeks - 16 Weeks: Daycare

Your puppy will enjoy our indoor/outdoor facility, where we offer a free trial day to get them acclimated.

Supervised play sessions provide socialization and exercise under the watchful eyes of our trainers.

16 Weeks - 21 Weeks: Formal Training Begins

Your puppy will receive 25 days of customized training, Monday through Friday, conducted by certified professionals.

Free Boarding: We provide complimentary boarding during the formal training period to ensure consistency and progress.

21 Weeks - 1 Year: Ongoing Support and Training

Private Transfer Sessions: We teach you how to maintain and reinforce your puppy's behaviour at home.

Weekly Group Classes: Your pup can participate in our group classes for free throughout their first year.

Member Perks & Discounts:

✔ Comprehensive training with certified professionals.
✔ Free Boarding: Included during the formal training period.
✔ Private Transfer Sessions: Learn how to maintain your puppy’s behavior at home.
✔ Weekly Group Classes: Free participation for your puppy’s first year.
✔ Discounts: On grooming, services, and veterinary care with Inglewood Vet Clinic.
✔ Continuous Support: Access to WhatsApp support for the entire year.
✔ Training Tools: Clickers, treats, report cards, and a graduation certificate to mark your puppy’s progress.

$600/Week for 5 Weeks

Investing in our 5-week training program sets your puppy up for success with a full year of ongoing support and training.

Are You Ready to Set Your Dog Up for Success?