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Exceptional Care, 24/7 Supervision, and Year-Round Enrichment in Peel Region and the Greater Toronto Area

Discover Our Premier Facility

Our vision was simple: creating a one-of-a-kind facility for optimal canine enjoyment and learning. At Puppy Academy, dogs relish over [INSERT sq. ft.] of outdoor space, providing a safe and comfortable area for your pets to play. Our meticulously cleaned indoor space ensures a pristine surface for group play, regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, our facilities boast pools for splashing, orthopedic beds for napping, along with a curated selection of high-quality toys for added enrichment.

With a convenient drop-off section and a focus on transportation ease, we provide a seamless experience for both pets and owners. Dogs enjoy 24/7 supervision by dedicated staff, ensuring their safety and well-being as they interact with familiar peers.

Daycare and Boarding Rates:

Daycare: $40 per day (Members)/ $50 per day (Non-Members) (up to 10 hours of play)

Boarding: $60 per night (Members)/ $70 per night (Non-Members) (includes 24 hours of care)

Member Priority Perks

✔ Members receive first priority, so don’t wait to become a member!
✔ Transportation Services: Members enjoy exclusive access to transportation services for added convenience.