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Are You a New Puppy Parent?

There are many reasons to love dogs: They’re affectionate, intelligent, loyal, and fun! They make excellent companions and can significantly enrich the lives of their families, but we know they are also a lot of work, especially when they are young and untrained!

At Puppy Academy, we specialize in the early behavioural conditioning of puppies so they will grow into well-behaved family dogs.

Our membership program is designed to help dogs and their people live together happily.

Unleash Exclusive Membership Perks When You Join Puppy Academy

Become a member and enjoy a host of exclusive benefits designed to give your new pup the best care and training experience. Our membership perks offer incredible value and convenience for you and your pet.

Membership Features

  • Orientation: Choose between a virtual or in-person orientation to get started on the right track.
  • First Day of Daycare Free: Enjoy your dog’s first day of daycare at no cost.
  • Exclusive Discounts:
    • Daycare and Boarding: Save on our top-notch daycare and boarding services.
    • Grooming and Merchandise: Receive discounts on grooming services and pet products.
    • Veterinary Care: Benefit from discounted veterinary care at Inglewood Vet Clinic.
  • Customized Training Program: Get 5 weeks of tailored training for your dog, with free boarding included during this period.
  • Private Sessions: Schedule 3 private training sessions with our expert trainers as your pup advances through their training.
  • Pet Transport Service: Enjoy the convenience of our pick-up and drop-off service.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Group Practice: Participate in group practice sessions for life, ensuring continuous learning and socialization for your dog.

Why The Puppy Academy Program Works:

Enhanced Effectiveness

Unlike other approaches, our program utilizes multiple, customized, daily training sessions conducted by certified trainers. This consistent reinforcement accelerates learning, allowing your pup to grasp cues and behaviours with ease.

Real-World Adaptability

We believe in proofing your pup’s behaviour in different environments. Our day school format exposes your furry friend to learning in various indoor and outdoor settings and teaches them to be engaged with you no matter where they are.

Trending Excellence

Our innovative approach, combining the benefits of daycare socialization with the expertise of a professional trainer, has gained significant traction. Your pup gains social skills and receives targeted guidance during crucial developmental stages.

Skillful Socialization

Social interactions are pivotal in a puppy’s growth. Our program facilitates supervised interactions with peers, helping your pup develop positive character traits that last a lifetime.

Professional Expertise

Our seasoned trainers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked with domestic and exotic animals worldwide. With a deep understanding of animal behaviour and effective training techniques, they ensure each session is tailored to your puppy’s needs.

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More Happy Families

“When I adopted Lyla as a rescue from the humane society in the British Virgin Islands, the only thing I knew about her was that she was young, and friendly. We didn’t know if she had ever lived in a house, or even if she was house trained. Andrew’s patience and consistency with her has made her the wonderful canine citizen she is today. His passion for understanding her behaviour and needs translated into customizing a training plan not just for her, but for me as an owner. He taught me how to be consistent and fair with her so that she would want to work with me and be a good girl. She is the best girl and my favourite girl 11 years later!”


– Cecilia

“Enrolled our rottweiler named Kaiser. Andrew has a great attitude, great set of skills, is very organized, and very communicative. He keeps us up to date everyday via texts and videos in a group chat. Andrew is solid trainer and I would definitely recommend him!”

– Ampy

“Andrew is AMAZING he really takes the time to train your pup and is helping you at home every step of the way with his what’s app support! I work in the animal care industry and finding a trainer for my puppy was very difficult, even with asking other professionals in my field. Andrew does an amazing job and is very patient. Highly recommend for anyone starting out and needs help with the basics!”

– Marinella

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