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“Andrew is a fantastic trainer who was able to give me strategies to work on with my girl Reese, from crate training to basic commands, the clicker has worked amazingly. Andrew has many years experience working with animals which is apparent in the positive training sessions we’ve had, his guidance and skills are helping me shape Reese into the best dog she can be and I could not be more happy. I’ve learned really quickly from Andrew that there is nothing you can’t train “you get the behaviour you reinforce”, everything is a positive experience as it should be.”

– Tina

“Andrew is a fantastic trainer who was able to cater to our puppy’s specific training needs. He is enthusiastic and passionate about giving animals the best opportunities to be successful. We agree with his philosophy on operant conditioning being the best approach to training our dog to reach his full potential. Andrew provides us with weekly strategies to work on with our dog and answers all the questions we have. Andrew even gets our children involved in the training sessions so we are all equipped with the strategies needed to help our puppy be the best he can be. We always end our sessions feeling 100% confident in our ability to handle our dog. We highly recommend Andrew for anyone who is considering dog or puppy training!”

– Janine and Ryan

“If I could give above 5 stars, I would! Where do I start – Andrew is absolutely amazing. He was recommended to us by one of my good friends. We have a 1.5 year old Cockapoo named Pablo who is VERY high energy. We signed Pablo up for 1 month of training with Andrew and he exceeded our expectations. Pablo is so much more obedient and patient! Andrew worked closely with every member of my family as well to ensure we were on the same page throughout Pablo’s training.”

– Jasmine